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DNA test and Functional Genomics Variant Report, designed to reflect the Functional Medicine approach to addressing wellbeing.

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Your DNA test results will include an Interactive Variant Report consisting of sections related to the core steps of addressing wellbeing in the Functional Medicine model. Your report is already included in the price so there is no need to look for a 3rd party software to upload your raw data and to pay extra to convert it FIND OUT MORE

NEW! With the introduction of our new chip and our new DNA test, you will also receive your Raw Data file featuring some 650.000 SNPs and our custom content which includes important SNPs recently removed from their offer, by the major DNA testing companies.


Nutrition, Methylation, and Depression

Nutritional support for the methylation cycle is another area in which nutrition plays a critical role. The methylation cycle is essential for mental and physical health. It is critical to the metabolism of catecholamines in the synapse...


Methylation: The Fountain of Youth?

Not so long ago it was almost unfathomable that we’d be able to peek at our genetics to determine what diseases we’re at risk for, let alone use nutrition to help bypass genetic mutations referred to as single nucleotide polymorphisms ...


Association of MTHFR Gene Variants with Autism

Autism is a complex neurodevelopment disorder with numerous possible genetic and environmental influences.

We retrospectively examined the laboratory data of 168 children sequentially referred to our facility with a confirmed diagnosis ...


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