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Choose this option if you never had your DNA analysed or if your DNA test didn't include enough data. 

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Choose this option if you already have your raw data file and wish to generate DNA reports.

All samples destroyed after processing

We don't sell or share your DNA data

Choice of sample collection method

You can choose between a spit tube or an Assisted Collection Device for sample donors who can not spit. See full instructions here.

Free Shipping inside the U.K.

No hidden costs!

NEW! Pre-paid Return Shipping for all U.K. orders only. 

Use the provided, pre-addressed, and pre-paid box, to return your sample for analysis. (applies to all UK customers).

NEW! Lifestyle Genomics Research Centre Ltd. is registered with the EU IOSS Tax scheme

This means that you should not be charged any import taxes when your kit gets delivered to your address in Europe. 

Should your postal service still charge you any import fees, please make sure to get in touch so that we can refund you for this.

NEW! Worldwide shipping available!

Please get in touch if your country is not listed at checkout.

FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS 2.0 GENE VARIANT REPORT INCLUDED! Order your test now to receive your results in a brand new format!

Including access to an ever-growing library of articles, pathway diagrams, tips, lists of compounds influencing the expression of each gene, and other educational content. Our new reports will include the new SNAPSHOT feature where information such as associated symptoms, lists of helpful compounds, and lists of recommended additional lab markers, are all listed next to every SNP result.


Our customised LifestyleGenomicsGeneSNPr array is unique! Able to analyse some 700,000 DNA data points your raw data content will include results no longer available through some of the most popular genetic testing providers. Our new chip provides a genomic tool for clinical research applications including disease risk profiling studies, pharmacogenomics research, wellness characterisation, and complex disease discovery.


Order now to get access to our new Report Translating Service. For a small fee, you will have the opportunity to receive a copy of your report which will be translated into your own language. This tool will be available from within your profile.

Access to Practitioners' Directory

Once your sample has been received at our Sorting Office, you will automatically gain access to Practitioners' contact forms. Some Practitioners listed in our Directory offer FREE introductory sessions which can vary between 15-30 mins. Access to Practitioners' Online Contact Forms is restricted to customers who have either purchased our DNA Test or generated their Functional Genomics Variant Report.

No monthly subscriptions and no membership fees.

Monthly subscriptions and membership fees have quickly become the new revenue stream generators in the genetic testing industry. Don't get stung by unexpected charges. With our services, you only pay for what you actually want and need. And you know exactly when you're making a purchase!

Reduced rates on all future DNA reports

Building on the popularity and success of our Functional Genomic Panel, we are currently expanding our portfolio of various DNA reports. Please check the UPLOAD MY RAW DATA section to see products currently under development. Your profile will contain special access to these products offered at lower rates to our customers only.

Your DNA data is safe with us!

We are keeping your DNA data on our private server as opposed to those provided by the Big Tech giants, as many other genetic testing providers do! You can choose to delete your data from our service at any time. Your raw data file is anonymised and only labeled with your sample bar code number.

A new, lower price!

Due to an ongoing economic uncertainty we are keeping in place the lower price introduced during the pandemic when we  slashed the original costs by


Take advantage of the lower price while it lasts!


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