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Registered in Egland and Wales

Company number: 10977872

VAT : 277 5903 62

Business Hours: Mon - Fri  9:00 - 17:00

Please note that, in line with the academic holiday break, we were not open for business between 24/12/2019 and 2/01/2020. No samples were processed within this period. 

Holiday breaks should not be counted as part of the waiting time for the results.  

We are committed to answering all of our clients’ enquiries as fast as possible but to save you time we have also listed answers to the most common questions below.

If the answer to your enquiry is covered by any of the below answers, we might not reply to you directly.

If your enquiry concerns an existing order, already issued results or an ongoing lab analysis, please make sure to contact us from the same email address as:

  • One that was used for placing of your order.
  • One that was used with your sample registration.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data we provide, we are unable to answer any queries coming from email addresses not associated with registered samples.


Q:  How can I order the DNA test & Genetic Variant Report?

A: You can order your genetic test and the Variant Report directly from this under this link.

Q:  Do I need a PayPal account to pay for the test?

A:  No, PayPal allows you to use your credit or debit card without the need of setting up an account with them.

Simply follow the checkout process until you've reached the PayPayl page and then choose the Pay By Credit or Debit Card option.

Q: What is included under the DNA test & Genetic Variant Report?

A: All information with regards to this product, including: features of your Variant Report, genes covered by the DNA analysis and included in your report and even a sample Genetic Variant Report and details about the procedures involved, are all listed here.


Q: Can you issue an invoice ?

A: Every customer placing an order through our website has the chance to download their invoice directly from the order confirmation page. After you have submitted your payment you will have been redirected to the ORDER CONFIRMATION PAGE which includes a link named: Save your order as PDF - click on that link to download your invoice.

Additionally, every order placed on our website in followed by an order confirmation email, sent to the email address as given by you during checkout. This confirmation will include all of the information required for invoicing:

Name and address of our company

Our VAT number

Your shipping address

Your billing address

Order number

Order date and time

Product description, quantity and price (including paid VAT)

If you missed downloading your invoice during the checkout process, you can request for your invoice to be issued manually, however you must wait until the entire order has been fulfilled, that is, after your results have been delivered to you.

Q: Can you issue an invoice to a different address?

A: When you place your order through our website, you are given the chance to choose a separate billing address. Please make sure to type a relevant billing address if you would like your invoice to be issued to an address different to your shipping address.

Q: Can you issue an invoice to an address different to the address given in my order, after the payment has been submitted and confirmed?

A: No, all of the invoices we issue have to mirror exactly the details given at the time of purchase as they are assigned to specific order numbers.


Q: How will I know when/if my sample has reached your lab?

A: Upon the receipt of each sample and scanning its’ barcode  you will receive a sample receipt confirmation email, to let you know that your sample is now with us. Please make sure to register your sample under the below page address - we are not able to process your sample unless it has been registered via this online form.

Q: Can you advance my sample or speed up the process for me, to ensure that I get my results earlier?

A: All samples are treated equally and we can not prioritise some samples over others, for any reason, as this would be unfair to other customers.


Q: I have sent my sample and received the sample receipt confirmation email but I can not login on your platform, to access my account.

A: As stated in your online sample registration form:

You won't be able to log in to your account before your results are ready.

You will receive an email to notify you of your test results. This email will contain a link to your member account where your results can be accessed. You will need your email address and the password you chose, to access your results.

Q: I have waited the required period, as indicated on your website,  for my DNA test results but I have not received any notification with the access to my account.

A: Please make sure that you have checked your inbox, including your SPAM folder for any messages from the following email address:

We have noticed that the following email services providers not always allow our notifications through their filtering system:

Please consider using a different email services provider to register your sample with us.

If you’ve registered your sample using an email address from the above providers and have not received a notification regarding your test results, please contact us using the contact form on our website or by emailing us directly on: .

Please allow the full period as indicated on our website, for your sample analysis, before contacting us with regards to your results.


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