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If your enquiry concerns an existing order, please contact us using the email address associated with your order.

If your enquiry concerns already issued results or an ongoing lab analysis, please make sure to contact us from the email address registered with your sample.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data we provide, we are unable to answer any enquiries about results, originated from email addresses not associated with registered samples.

It's the data issued with your results.

Up until 4 years ago, most direct to consumer genetic test providers, offered content based on the then popular Infinium OmniExpressnchip, manufactured by Illumina.

This chip made it possible to analyse many markers, which were deemed as very useful by the Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics orientated community.

Unfortunately Illumina stopped providing this chip and instead introduced a more limited option called the Global Screening Array.

While most DNA testing companies settled for this, and tried to make the most out of this limited content, we decided to make sure that the SNPs that were now missing, can be added on to our chip.

We therefore made an extra investment, which allowed us to customise the Global Screening Array. Having done this, we are now able to issue to our customers raw data files which include the desireble content.

You can order your DNA test and the Variant Report here.

Yes, you can use your credit or debit card to purchase our test. If your wish to buy the test in your local currency and from your local bank, without using a credit or debit car, please contact us via the below contact form and we will send you a special payment link.

Our offer includes the following:

* DNA collection kit

* DNA sample quality check and analysis

* Raw Data file with ~ 700.000 SNPs (compatible with some 3rd party online applications)

* A very robust Gene Variant Report highlighting risk genotypes for many health categories.
Full description and features of the report are available here

Upon the receipt of each sample and scanning its’ barcode, you will receive a sample receipt confirmation email from us, to let you know that your sample arrived with us safely. Please make sure to register your sample online by clicking on the Register Your Sample button, at the top of our website. (The instructions enclosed with your sample collection kit will aslo remind you to do so).

Yes, all we need is some of your saliva. Our collection kits are essentially spit tubes with a liquid buffer added on, to perserve your genetic material. Your DNA will be extracted from white blood cells contained within human saliva. We also offer Assisted Collection kits for sample donors who are unable to spit and this option will be given to you at checkout.

You will not be able to log in to your account before your results are ready. We will send you an email notification with the link to access your results as soon as they are ready. Please make sure to make a note of your email address and the password you chose when you registered your sample online. Please make sure to allow the full period as indicated in your sample receipt confirmation email, before contacting us about your results.

All samples are destroyed upon succesful analysis.

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not store data on web space offered by the big tech giants. Instead, your data will be safely stored on our secure, private server for as long as you wish. You can delete your raw data and reports from this server at any time. Your DNA data will never be used by our company for anything other than the sole purpose of providing you with your results and updates or to ensure data accuracy.

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