Already had your DNA test done?

The combination of the price vs included content makes the value of our DNA test a hard one to beat!

Your results will be organised into 10 robust DNA reports, split into 74 categories and featuring outcomes for 560 genetic SNPs (DNA data points).

We will also include your DNA Raw Data file with results for ~ 780.000 SNPs (DNA markers).

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This set of reports makes up our flagship Functional Genomics Panel, which can also be treated as a DNA based, personal health journey planner because of how the data is prioritised around the chronic inflammatory response.

As persistent inflammation is a common factor for most chronic conditions, involving multiple body systems, the insights from our reports can have very wide applications.

Having DNA results presented in a prioritised manner is extremely important, because it takes away a lot of guesswork around which areas should be looked at and addressed first, and which are best left for later.