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Marc Adams

Diploma in NT.

Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics Part I & II (Ben Lynch)

Nutrigenomics a Functional Approach (Genesnippers) 

CHEK (corrective high performance exercise kinesiology) practitioner.

Poliquin Strength and conditioning coach

KMI Structural Body Worker (Tom Myers Anatomy Trains)

Heart IQ emotional intelligence coach.

I call myself a sports, nutrition and lifestyle/personal development coach. I have been working in the functional health and movement field for the past 20 years and have integrated many different modalities into my unique, holistic approach including meditation.  I create personalised optimal health and lifestyle programmes that are preventative in nature, amounting to a long term investment in health and longevity. I do this by assessing areas such as my client's diet, nutrition and microbiota, nutrigenomic profile, posture, movement, and exercise, lifestyle and emotional/spiritual/relationship health. 

Marc Adams
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