"Recent research has found that, in the US, Australia and the UK, dietitians have a low level of knowledge of genetics and nutritional genomics. They also have low levels of confidence in these areas and current levels of involvement are also low (Collins et al 2013). Further investigation is required to find out why this is the case."


NHS National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre



This website and its services are intended for both: patients and practitioners. The goal is to offer you a platform which you will be able to use to: order genetic testing and variant reports, order complementary lab testing to identify how and if genetic mutations are expressing, book consultations with practitioners and to educate yourself on how environmental exposure can affect the expression of your genetic variants.



We are all about empowering you, in knowledge about your body's biochemistry - right down to the level of your genetics, and encouraging you to take a proactive approach to improving your health. This can be accomplished by applying lifestyle changes and reducing exposure to environmental factors, that may contribute to, or cause your genetic mutations to start expressing themselves, causing a decline in your health as a result.

Remember however, that our services related to genetic testing on their own, are not in any way designed to give you any specific diagnosis. We ask therefore that you always work with your practitioner or health care provider. Never self diagnose and never self medicate (that includes supplementation). We are more than happy to put you in touch with one of the practitioners listed on our database.



Our mission is to aid Practitioners and Health Care Providers by equipping them with tools that will allow them to take a bio-individual approach to their patients' treatment by using Clinical Nutrigenomics. This can be achieved by gaining an insight into the status of their genes, on the level of Single Nucleotides. This can help in identification of predispositions to certain conditions. When matched against symptoms that patients are suffering from, the Genetic Variant Report will help to narrow down the spectrum of further lab testing needed to be performed, to specific markers which may have a direct impact on the symptoms your patients are experiencing. One rule we would ask you to remember however, is to treat the patient in front of you, not just their genetic SNP's.


If you feel like you would like to gain more knowledge on the subjects of Epigenetics, Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics, check out the Learning Centre page where you can find very useful educational resources as well as some very handy tools and an learning courses.


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