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Jonathan Cohen



BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine)

CHNC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)


MSc in NUtritional therapy from the University of Worcester.

I have completed courses in Nutrigenomics from Genova Diagnostics (twice), Dr Ben Lynch's Courses (Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics Part I & II ) and have delivered modules on Nutrigenomics to classes at The University of Worcester.

I have over 35 years of multi-therapy experience, providing my patients with a system-wide perspective.

When the  register from BANT was opened for registration, I was the first practitioner to meet the requirements and be registered.

As the founder of FunctionalDX, the most advanced blood and health reporting company, my experience in assessing phenotype, i.e. how genes are being expressed, is extensive and, together with a genetic assessment, we can see how they were designed to be expressed, which allows the establishment of programmes to right imbalances in the system-wide expression in the body.

As a clinician, I work with challenged individuals of all ages who may have health issues but also those who can be classed as having chronic conditions, having been lost in the system as they defy the conventional approaches to recovering their wellbeing.

I also identify and help those who wish to create a lifestyle designed to overcome the challenges of the environment and age gracefully and in good health.

Jonathan Cohen
Lifestyle Genomics Research Centre
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