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Dr. Magdalena Cubala - Kucharska

M.D, PhD

Location: Poland,

Arcana Institute of Integrative Medicine

GMC UK, Polish GMC, ILADS, Nordic Labs

Dr. Cubala-Kucharska is Director of Arcana Institute of Integrative Medicine Poland. Dr. Cubala-Kucharska developed an interest in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2004, which led her to research co-morbidities in autistic patients, including Lyme disease. She has consulted for the Council of Natural Therapies in the Polish Ministry of Health, and at the Autism Treatment Trust in Edinburgh. Her practice is focused on ASD, tick-borne, autoimmune and environmental diseases. Her research, conducted in affiliation with the Medical University of Lodz and published in peer-reviewed journals, is in the field of autism and tick-borne infections. She is in ILADEF Board of Directors

Dr Magdalena Cubala - Kucharska
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