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Sophie Tully


MSc BSc (Hons) DipPT

Clinical Nutrition Scientist and Health Coach



Location: Cambridge, London, Online


Sophie is a passionate, dedicated and very friendly clinical nutrition scientist, with 7 years’ experience helping clients achieve optimal health and performance.


Sophie first trained in biomedical science, specialising in Pharmacology, before working as a laboratory research scientist developing specialised cancer therapies. After four years in the lab, and following her own health revelations, she returned to university to study a master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition at UCL. During her time there she launched her now thriving nutrition and health consultancy business, through which she applies her extensive knowledge of health and nutrition science, together with functional medicine and genetic and functional testing, to help elite athletes and the general public achieve their goals. Sophie specialises in mental health, digestive disorders, CFS, thyroid conditions, cancer support, weight loss and sports performance, but welcomes the challenge of any case. Outside of her clinical hours you will find Sophie buried in research on the role of nutrition, neuroscience and genetics in chronic illness and elite sports performance, lecturing for the biomedicine and nutrition courses at the internationally renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine, giving public talks, writing articles for national health publications and as Education Manager for Igennus Healthcare Nutrition. Sophie consistently receives excellent feedback from her clients, students and colleagues and is engaged in continuous professional development to ensure she can provide you with the very best support.


Sophie Tully
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