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Niki Gratrix


Energy Expert, Nutritional Therapist, BA (hons), Dip ION mBANT, CNHC registered

Location: Brighton, Cheadle and California, USA, International Skype and Phone consultations available

Niki is an internationally recognized award-winning registered nutritionist specializing in optimizing energy for almost 10 years. She has completed over 7000 consultations and chats with people with fatigue related illnesses, and speaks internationally on the subject of chronic fatigue syndrome. She as the co-founder and Director of Nutrition (2005-10) of one of the largest complementary and alternative health clinics in the UK which specializes in CFS/ME with almost 12,000 followers online in 35 countries with 10 practitioners. The clinic's preliminary results with patients were published in a pilot study in the British Medical Journal Open in 2012. Niki is also a health writer and currently the Contributing Editor at CAM Magazine, the leading magazine for licensed practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine in the UK.

Her passion is being able to provide a truly integrated approach to caring for patients including guidance on physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual approaches. On the physical level Niki is particularly passionate about using nutrigenomics to inform and enhance her guidance on diet and lifestyle factors for optimum energy.

There is no consultations available with Nicki Gratrix at this time.


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